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September/October 2018



By Rus Adams

Let’s Get Personal!

So many of us are constantly chasing the idea of getting healthier, losing weight, feeling better and looking better. If we all inherently know how to do this, then why is it so hard to accomplish?! Have you ever felt caught in a reoccurring pattern of starting an exercise program or making a commitment to eat healthy only to find yourself right back at square one, giving up on your health and fitness goal? Most of us have. So here is the thing, if you want a different result, you have to do something different.

We all make commitments every day at work, to our family, friends, and to volunteer positions…the list can seem endless. All of those commitments are to other people, why is it that we can honor commitments to others more easily than to ourselves? Typically there is a sense of obligation we feel towards others that we don’t always have for ourselves. We don’t want to let others down, we want them to think highly of us, we don’t want to disappoint them. We have to think of making commitments to ourselves with the same level of importance and priority. Big or small you are making an agreement with yourself and you should honor that for all the same reasons you do for others. So let’s get personal…with personal training!

Ranch personal trainers are equipped with the skills to help you implement the behavior changes needed to achieve your goal. Changes in lifestyle and behaviors is downright hard. Let our staff of trainers take the lead. Personal trainers have the skill set to evaluate you, and construct an exercise prescription that is specific to you. Our fitness experts ‘get personal’ by delivering exercises that are safe, effective and designed to meet your needs. We know that ‘eating right and exercising’ is not as easy as it sounds; we have the tools to help you with the behavior changes required to do this successfully for the long term. Meet the fitness team that is standing by to ‘get personal’ with you!









Let's Get Personal!



Kathleen Bushey, Hair Stylist at The Ranch Fitness Center & Spa.Samantha Oldfield

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Samantha studied cosmetology at Indian River State College in her home town of Stuart, Florida, graduating in 2009.  She worked for a salon and spa for a number of years in Jupiter where she gained further knowledge and experience, and built her clientele.

Samantha recently relocated to the Ocala area, and we are pleased to announce that she has chosen to join our talented staff of providers here at the Ranch. She is deeply committed to her chosen field, and eagerly awaits the opportunity to make your visit special, meet your specific needs, and leave you feeling and looking your best!


Rus Adams, Facility Director
Cammy Dennis, Director of Fitness Programming

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