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October/November 2019


Get F.I.T. with TRX

F.I.T. with TRX is The Ranch Fitness Center & Spa’s Functional Integrated Training program, which features TRX. TRX training, one of the hottest fitness trends, is a method of suspended body weight exercises. A U.S. Navy SEAL in need of high performance and portability developed this unique training system. After experimenting with a few sturdy straps thrown over a fence or tree branch, he was onto something big.

Suspension training requires the use of specialized straps and handles which are suspended from an anchor point. Suspension training leverages your body weight against gravity. You govern the exercise challenge by adjusting your body position to either increase or decrease the resistance load. Numerous suspension exercises enable you to train all the muscles in the body. This efficient, simple concept allows a few straps to replace big, bulky strength training machines. In addition, TRX exercises allow for movement in multiple planes, making it very functional. In other words, TRX exercises mimic human movements more authentically and support everyday activities outside the gym.

A huge benefit of suspension training is the core conditioning that accompanies whatever exercises you are executing. Because the exercises are suspended, the core muscles are activated to stabilize the body. The core muscle group is firing much more than it would if you were on a strength-training machine, lying on a bench or standing with a stable base of support. The beauty of TRX training is that new exercisers as well as seasoned athletes will find challenge and success. We are extremely excited to host a special day of free F.I.T. with TRX at The Ranch Fitness Center & Spa, Monday, Oct. 21. All F.I.T. with TRX sessions are led by a personal trainer and are free of charge! In addition, if you purchase a package of 36 F.I.T. with TRX sessions you will receive a F.I.T. with TRX T-shirt!

Monday, Oct. 21, F.I.T. with TRX sessions schedule is as follows:

• 9 a.m.: Healthy Joints I
• 10 a.m.: TRX-Treme
• 11 a.m.: Healthy Joints II
• 5 p.m.: TRX-Camp
• 6 p.m.: TRX-Treme

For more details on the individual sessions, please visit the TheRanchFitnessSpa. com. You can sign up one hour before session start time at the front desk. Not a Ranch member? Not a problem! The Ranch offers membership alternatives ranging from a single Class Pass to the full membership to accommodate your personal needs. For more information, please call (352) 862-8180 and press 2.














Linda Denno, Personal Trainer at The Ranch Fitness Center & Spa.Chyna Rose

Chyna Rose came to Ocala from Johnson City, Tennessee. She joined The Ranch Fitness Center and Spa as a very qualified Massage Therapist. Her massage specialties include: Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Swedish as well as Therapeutic Body Wraps and Body Scrubs. Book your appointment today at the Ranch with Chyna Rose and spend some time in a relaxing environment that takes you away from your everyday routine.

Kathleen Bushey, Hair Stylist at The Ranch Fitness Center & Spa.Doug Oxley

The Ranch would like to extend a warm welcome to Doug Oxley our newest certified personal trainer. Doug has been described by many of his clients as a “fitness therapist” due to his unique blend of skills and techniques. Doug is a licensed neuromuscular therapist as well as a certified personal trainer. He believes that his success as a trainer stems from his passion for helping to improve the health and quality of life of his clients. Doug brings many years of experience to his position at The Ranch Fitness Center & Spa. He specializes in pressure point and range of motion techniques to manipulate soft tissues into an appropriate tonal state. These techniques influence muscle and connective tissue to either soften, tighten, strengthen or lengthen. This training process helps to bring the body back into a state of balance, profoundly improving posture, balance and motor function.

Doug’s formula is beneficial for clients with corrective needs as well as those seeking to maximize their fitness potential. Doug prides himself in helping his clients with weight loss, muscle gain, pain management, postural correction and improved flexibility. He has seen many of his clients go from “pain to performance.” In addition to his neuromuscular therapy and personal training, Doug is highly credentialed with specialized training in corrective exercises, senior fitness, performance enhancement and weight loss. Feel free to stop by or call The Ranch Fitness Center & Spa to chat with Doug about your fitness goals. We are very fortunate to have Doug on the fitness team!


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