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May/June 2019


Trainer Talk with Linda Denno

Meet Linda Denno, one of The Ranch’s certified personal trainers. Linda is well known on the fitness floor and much loved by her clients. You will see Linda coaching, encouraging and even boxing with her clients. Linda has a keen understanding of aging science and is a master at helping her clients achieve a vast scope of successes. She has helped her clients with joint replacement recovery, weight loss, balance improvement and even win 5K races. Her ability to improve the quality of her client’s lives is one of the reasons she stays so busy. Read on to learn more about this amazing woman.

  1. What was the draw for you to become a fitness professional and how long have you been a personal trainer at the Ranch Fitness Center?


Linda: “In my late 20’s I started going the gym with a focus on being ‘skinny’. Back then, I was what is termed ‘skinny fat’, meaning that even though my body weight was in the normal range, my body fat was a whopping 38 %. Ironic that even though I was a size 6 … I was also obese at the same time! I realized I was going to have to change my thinking if I was going to change my body. Therefore, I hired a Personal Trainer and changed my focus from being skinny to being healthy.  My trainer encouraged me to eat more and assured me that I would not get fat.  By eating smaller, nutrient dense meals, lifting heavier weights, and doing cardio I significantly changed my body composition. I lost fat and gained muscle. I felt stronger and healthier and the real bonus was that my back no longer hurt. I was hooked! Years later, after I burned out in the Corporate World, I decided I wanted to do something I loved which was helping others to become strong and fit. I began personal training at The Ranch Center Fitness & Spa in May, 2007 and have been rewarded with helping people to feel better and live better ever since.”

  1. You recently held a weight loss challenge for your clients, most of whom participated. What was the benefit of this program over the ‘one on one’ training that you do? 

Linda: “There’s something a little easier about letting yourself off the hook when you know no one’s watching…or so you think!  So you slip a little….you eat that cookie, the breadsticks, ice cream, and find excuses for not going to the gym. However, when you commit to a specific challenge, you hold yourself much more accountable. With the Weight Loss Challenge, participants made a commitment to themselves and to the group. They made an official statement of what they wanted to accomplish, and how they were going to accomplish it. It really helps to know that you are not making a commitment alone, and that others are supporting you in a positive way to help reach your goals!”

  1. Based on your years of experience and training, what is the one bit of advice you could share to boost someone’s weight loss success?

Linda: “If I had to pick just one bit of advice it would be to show up for yourself! You have to make yourself and your health a priority if you want to be strong, healthy, and ultimately fit for the rest of your life!”
If you are interested in meeting Linda or one of our other personal trainers, please stop be the Ranch anytime to discuss your individual needs and review the many personal training options available.







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Linda Denno, Personal Trainer at The Ranch Fitness Center & Spa.Chyna Rose

Chyna Rose came to Ocala from Johnson City, Tennessee. She joined The Ranch Fitness Center and Spa as a very qualified Massage Therapist. Her massage specialties include: Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Swedish as well as Therapeutic Body Wraps and Body Scrubs. Book your appointment today at the Ranch with Chyna Rose and spend some time in a relaxing environment that takes you away from your everyday routine.

Kathleen Bushey, Hair Stylist at The Ranch Fitness Center & Spa.Doug Oxley

The Ranch would like to extend a warm welcome to Doug Oxley our newest certified personal trainer. Doug has been described by many of his clients as a “fitness therapist” due to his unique blend of skills and techniques. Doug is a licensed neuromuscular therapist as well as a certified personal trainer. He believes that his success as a trainer stems from his passion for helping to improve the health and quality of life of his clients. Doug brings many years of experience to his position at The Ranch Fitness Center & Spa. He specializes in pressure point and range of motion techniques to manipulate soft tissues into an appropriate tonal state. These techniques influence muscle and connective tissue to either soften, tighten, strengthen or lengthen. This training process helps to bring the body back into a state of balance, profoundly improving posture, balance and motor function.

Doug’s formula is beneficial for clients with corrective needs as well as those seeking to maximize their fitness potential. Doug prides himself in helping his clients with weight loss, muscle gain, pain management, postural correction and improved flexibility. He has seen many of his clients go from “pain to performance.” In addition to his neuromuscular therapy and personal training, Doug is highly credentialed with specialized training in corrective exercises, senior fitness, performance enhancement and weight loss. Feel free to stop by or call The Ranch Fitness Center & Spa to chat with Doug about your fitness goals. We are very fortunate to have Doug on the fitness team!


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