F.I.T. ‘Functional Integrated Training’

  • Under the direction of a personal trainer
  • Providing individual guidance
  • Accountability
  • Motivation


Fitness Trainers

Cammy Dennis
Jessica Pinkowski

Doug Oxley
Linda Denno

Jonathan Snellgrove
Art Stalbow First Degree Black Belt in Aikido.
Fourth Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do

Nikki Harris

TRX Take Off*
This small group personal training is perfect for the TRX newcomer. This workout is based on a method of suspended body weight exercises leveraged against gravity. With specialized straps anchored to a suspension point, you can easily adjust the resistance to tailor a workout specific to your needs and goals.
TRX Turbo*
This next level of TRX training presents a faster paced workout with exercise progressions of greater intensity. It is highly recommended that participants in this small group personal training have prior TRX experience.
TRX Healthy Joints*
This specialized TRX training is perfect for the active ager wanting to improve strength, flexibility and balance. TRX provides exercise assistance, enabling the user to gain success. This small group personal training format ensures personal attention to support safety and proper execution for maximum results.
X-Camp* (Cross-Camp)
This high intensity, interval style workout incorporates elements of strength, agility and conditioning into a small group personal training for- mat. Each session blends circuits of cross training and Bootcamp style exercises that focus on quantifiable repetitions and, or timing of your strength and cardio sets. Designed to burn fat and build muscle this workout promises a varied mix of functional training under the direction of a personal trainer.

Small Group Karate*
Take your karate training to the next level with small group training. You will improve your techniques, move up in ranks and add to your Martial Arts knowledge in a safe, supportive private environment.
Sole Strength*
Bare your ‘soles’ for an energizing barefoot workout! Shoes can inhibit the use of many muscles and joints in the feet. By freeing your feet you will discover new ways to awaken energy and balance in your body. This workout is carefully crafted to provide a significant strength and cardio challenge. Liberate your ‘soles’ and your spirit and allow your body to move as nature intended.
High Intensity Interval Training or ‘HIIT Wave’ is the newest F.I.T. program at The Ranch. This circuit style workout incorporates Water Rower machines and muscle building stations providing an extreme interval challenge. The high energy environment is inspired by your personal trainer and the camaraderie and support of your peers takes you to the next level of fitness.


*F.I.T. sessions are fee based and capped at 6 (TRX), 8 (HIIT Wave) and 10 (X-Camp, Karate & Sole Strength)
Once a F.I.T. session is scheduled the spot is reserved and guaranteed. Cancellations will be accepted up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled session.